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12" Acoustic Studio Foam Tile Packs

Discover our wide selection of 12" Acoustic Studio Foam Tile Packs, the most sought-after acoustic tile size in the market.  Our acoustic foam treatment products are made in the UK, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. We take pride in providing uncompressed boxes, which means that there's no need to wait for the tiles to regain their shape - you can fit them straight away!

Invest in your sound quality today with Advanced Acoustics. Order your 12" Acoustic Studio Foam Tile Packs now and experience the difference our premium acoustic treatment products can make in your music room or studio.

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12" Acoustic Studio Foam Tile Packs

Transform any space into the ultimate sound sanctuary with Advanced Acoustics' top-of-the-line acoustic foam tiles. Our 12" Studio Foam Tile Packs are the industry standard and come in the largest and most stylish range on the market. Don't settle for subpar sound quality - copy the pros and choose Advanced Acoustics for all your acoustic treatment needs.

Our Slider, Wedge, and Pyramid Acoustic Tiles are essential for any room where music is recorded, monitored, or edited. These acoustic treatment packs work tirelessly to control reverberation and echo, creating a balanced and optimal environment for recording. Without proper acoustic treatment, the user or performer will be affected, leading to difficult and taxing recording sessions.

Investing in acoustic treatment is crucial for getting the most out of your instruments and performers. Our acoustic tiles can be used on walls and ceilings, and our range of thicknesses and profiles ensures that you'll find a product suitable for your needs. At Advanced Acoustics, we're proud to offer the best range of products to suit all your acoustic treatment needs. Whether you're converting a space into a control room, building a vocal booth, or taming a drum room, you've come to the right place. Choose Advanced Acoustics and hear the difference for yourself.