M20 Acoustic Soundproofing Mat - Size - 1m by 1m sheets, 20mm thick - 50 Sheet Pallet

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M20 Soundproofing Mat - 1m by 1m by 20mm thick - Pallet of 50 Sheets


What Are The Benefits?

Our M20 Acoustic Matting is a 20mm thick recycled rubber soundproofing matting designed to be installed on existing walls to improve the acoustic performance and reduce the amount of sound transferring between two rooms by up to 87%. When the thicker, more efficient Studio Wall system cannot be used, this thinner, recycled rubber sound insulation system can be used to upgrade the sound insulation properties of party walls in the home and all types of domestic properties. This is the ideal solution to reduce normal noise levels from a neighbour with a minimum loss of room space to upgrade the soundproofing of a party wall.

The high mass of M20 is designed to absorb and block a degree of airborne noise that penetrates poorly soundproofed party walls. Easy to fit, this 20mm thick insulation is simply glued to the existing wall with two layers of 15mm acoustic plasterboard bonded on top and is an easy solution if you are disturbed by normal levels of noise from your neighbours.

It is ideal for soundproofing party walls or for separating stairs and hallways where space is at a premium. This product is particularly useful for meeting Part E building regulations for control of airborne noise through a wall. The soundproofed wall shown in the image detail below gave approx an 87% reduction in sound through the wall and complies with the requirements of the latest Building Regulations.

M20 Soundproofing Mat

Please note: This sound insulation is effective at reducing normal noise levels that should not normally be heard, for example talking, radio and TV sound. Loud music, loud noise and bass noise will always be audible although its intensity will be reduced. Before installing any soundproofing onto walls, flanking noise skirting around the sound insulation can reduce effectiveness so to obtain the best result, it is advised the void between the joists in timber suspended floors is filled with Rockwool Flexi-Slab immediately adjacent to the party wall

In addition, the floor should be overlaid with a double layer of Soundproofing Matting. The ceiling above should also have Rockwol Flexi-Slab in the void or if a loft is above, then the required amount of fibreglass insulation. In all cases, the ceiling should have an additional layer of high density Acoustic Plasterboard screwed up with soundproof matting sandwiched between the layers.

Once you are satisfied the floor and ceiling have been properly sound insulated, commencement for soundproofing the wall can begin.


Properties Values
Nominal partition Thickness (mm)
Approx weight (kg/m2)
Fire Resistance (hours)
Expected sound loss with no infill (db)
Min expected sound loss with AMW75 infill
1 100 19kg/m2 1/2 30 34
2 145 53kg/m2 1/2 40 45
3 190 87kg/m2 1 42 47
M20 Soundproofing Mat

The estimated soundproofing performance of the stud partitions shown above are for partitions with no holes and all joints properly sealed. The sound insulation performance indicated may vary from site to site and should only be used as a guide.

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name M20 Soundproofing Mat
Product Size 1m x 1m (nominal)
Product Thickness 20mm
Area Covered Per Pallet 50sqm
Product Weight 16kg/m2
Flamability <100 mm/min (FMVSS 302)
Colour Black