Resilient Sealing Tape - 5mm thick x 25mm wide x 10m long


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Advanced Acoustics Resilient Tape - 5mm Thick


What Are The Benefits?

Our Resilient Tape is a self adhesive EPDM resilient foam rubber acoustic sealing tape for isolating stud work from the surrounding surfaces. It is designed to decouple timber and steel stud from surrounding surfaces and is also useful for decoupling timber floors from joists and concrete floors.

Our acoustic sealing tape is age resistant and chemically neutral against most commonly used lacquers and plastics. These EPDM acoustic strips are resistant to most caustic chemicals, ozone, moisture and UV radiation.

These self-adhesive resilient tapes are 5mm thick and available in various widths and come in 10m long rolls. The widths we stock are 25mm, 50mm, 75 mm and 100mm as standard.

To Isolate Floors, Walls and Ceilings.

When using timber in the construction of a new isolated stud wall we would always recommend sitting the stud on 5mm or 10mm thick acoustic strip. By sandwiching the foam sealing tape between the stud, the floor and surrounding walls and ceiling a much more isolated system is created making the entire structure acoustically more efficient and so dramatically reduces any vibration and flanking noise being transmitted into and from adjoining rooms or properties.

The Resilient Foam Sealing Tape should be used in addition to Resilient Bars if required and significantly helps increase the walls performance against low frequency bass vibration.

PLEASE NOTE: This product only reduces structure borne sound transmitted through walls when used in conjunction with other sound control materials

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name Resilient Sealing Tape
Width 25mm
Roll Length 10m
Thickness 5mm
ASTM D1056 (2000) 2A2 C
Comp. Set (23 deg +/-2 deg C)
22h 25% Compression
Measured after 24h (ASM D1056)
Shore Hardness "00" 40-50
Elongation - Minimum >180%
Temperature Range (constant) -30oC - +90oC
Temperature Range (intermittent) +130oC
Flamability FMVSS 302
Colour Black
Water absorption Mas Weight Change (ASTM D1056) <2%
Tensile Strength >500kPA

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