12 New Studio Starter Kits Available Now

Shaun Snaith
Advanced Acoustics Acoustic Treatment Starter Kits

We are pleased to announce the launch of 12 new Studio Starter Kits.  If you are building a new studio from scratch or having an overhaul then these Studio Starter Kits are the easiest way to get started.  All the kits use our standard studio foam tiles and bass traps so even if the kits aren't quite right for your needs you can add an extra pack of tiles or bass traps to match the kit.

We have small acoustic foam starter kits which contain 4 2ft tall bass traps and 24 -32 acoustic foam tiles. The large acoustic treatment starter kits include 4 3ft bass bass traps and 48 acoustic foam tiles.

We have used our most popular acoustic foam products to make up these acoustic room kits and used acoustic tiles and bass traps that complement each other.  For example we have paired the Mini Wave Acoustic Tile with the Wave Bass Trap and the Wedge Acoustic Tile with the Wedge Bass Trap, obvious pairings.  But the beauty with these kits is that we have decided to offer them at a discounted rate when compared to purchasing the items separately, win win.

Other Studio Starter Kits we have put together are the AeroFoil Kit which matches the AeroFoil Acoustic Tile with the Quadrant Bass Trap, probably the best performing combination.  We have also combined the Slider Acoustic Tile with the Original Bass Trap, the most popular acoustic foam tile we produce along with the staple bass trap.

The remaining two kits we offers are the Euphonic Studio Starter Kit which uses the Euphonic Acoustic Tile - a mix of Wedge Tile and Tegular Acoustic Tile - and is paired with the Wedge Bass Traps. And finally the Wedge PRO Starter Kit, which includes the Wedge PRO Acoustic Tile with the Wedge Bass Trap to compliment it.

By taking out the guessing work and messing around of adding multiple items to a cart it is now easier than ever to purchase the kit you need with decent savings as well.  Which Studio Starter Kit are you going to choose for your set-up?  They're all in stock and ready for immediate dispatch and quick delivery.


Advanced Acoustics Acoustic Treatment Wedge Euphonic Starter Kits