12" Acoustic Foam Tile Packs

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The 12" Acoustic Foam Tile is the industry standard and we think we have the largest and best looking range of 12" Acoustic Treatment Tiles on the market.  Don't make compromises when it comes to acoustic treatment, copy the pro's and choose Advanced Acoustics for all your acoustic treatment needs.

Acoustic foam tiles such as our 12" Studio Foam Tile Packs are vital for any room where music is going to be rehearsed, recorded, monitored or edited.  Acoustic treatment packs such as our Slider Acoustic Tiles, Wedge Acoustic Tiles or Pyramid Acoustic Tiles will work hard to ensure the rooms reverberation and echo is kept well under control and in a balanced manner.  Studios, Recording Rooms, Control Rooms and Vocal Booths which don't have acoustic treatment installed or have cheap, poor quality studio foam treatment in place will be adversely affected making life difficult and taxing for the user or performer ultimately affecting recordings.

Without studio treatment installed in the room it is impossible to get the best out of the performer and their instruments.  Acoustic tiles can be used both on the walls of a studio and on the ceiling and the range of thicknesses and profiles means you are almost certain find a product that is suitable for your needs.  At Advanced Acoustics we feel we have the best range of products.  So whether you a converting a space into a control room, building yourself a vocal booth or taming a drum room this is the place to look.