COVID-19 Updates

2 Nov 2020

We Are Still Open But Stocks Are Getting Limited

We will keep this page updated with the latest developments and details - last update 2/11/2020

We wish to update you regarding the latest announcement regarding the 2nd Lockdown period.  As before Advanced Acoustics will remain open and continue to offer a 'normal' service during this next lockdown.  We are still maintaining strict social distance measures throughout our factory and offices to keep our staff safe.

Whilst we will still be shipping orders out at the same speed as before you may experience delays due the influx with delivery companies as once again they will be under greater stress.  We will continue to furnish you with tracking information for your orders however we ask that you are patient with us if you experience a delay.

Stock Levels

In the first lockdown we had healthy stock levels which meant that we could continue with our full range of products and keep production ticking over despite a heavily reduced staff level.  However for the second lockdown stock levels are becoming depleted.  Currently there is a global shortage for the raw materials that go into making all foam products and this is affecting our ability to maintain our own stock. We do not see the situation improving soon.

We will try to maintain clear identification of stock levels on our website and other sales platforms for all our products but as this is a quickly developing and worsening situation stock levels are constantly being reviewed and updated.

Again we thank you for your patience in this matter.  If you would like up to date information on current stock levels please don't hesitate to email us.