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Basic Ceiling Soundproofing System

Basic Ceiling Soundproofing System

When it comes to soundproofing a ceiling to minimise TV noise and talking noise leaking through the system to use is very simple and relatively thin.  This system is designed to upgrade the sound insulation properties of ceilings in all types of domestic properties.

The system we have developed below is easy to fit with little DIY experience and is simply glued to your existing plaster ceiling.  If you have aertex or wall paper on the ceiling you will need to remove this first.  The system uses 2 layers of Advanced Acoustics 5kg Soundproofing Mat and two layers of 12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard and has a total thickness of 30mm.

Firstly you need to prepare the ceiling you will be applying the soundproofing system to.  The means removing any wallpaper and ensuring the surface is clean and dry.  If you have light fittings we would recommend you arrange for an approved electrician to isolate these for you while you are completing the work.

Once the ceiling is prepared you can glue the first layer of Advanced Acoustics 5kg Soundproofing Mat straight onto your existing plaster or plasterboard with our Advanced Acoustics Contact Adhesive.  When fixing the Advanced Acoustics 5kg Soundproofing Mat ensure you leave no gaps between the rolls and don’t leave a gap around the perimeter of the ceiling.  Most find it easier to slightly overlap the rolls and then trim them after they are installed in order to get a neat join

Once you have completely covered the ceiling with the Advanced Acoustics 5kg Soundproofing Mat you can then install your first layer of 12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard with the same Contact Adhesive.  When installing the Acoustic Plasterboard ensure you leave a 5mm gap all the way around the perimeter of the ceiling, this gap will be sealed with Acoustic Sealant at a later point.  When butting boards up to each other ensure there are no gaps.  Where possible try not to overlap any joints.  You shouldn’t need to screw the sheets of plasterboard in place however if you aren’t sure and you do wish to screw the Acoustic Plasterboard use as few fixings as possible.  When you have glued the first layer of Acoustic Plasterboard to the Advanced Acoustics 5kg Soundproofing Mat you can now seal the gap with Acoustic Sealant.  Once you have completed this you can now install the second layer of Advanced Acoustics 5kg Soundproofing Mat, fitting it perpendicular to the first layer followed by the final layer of 12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard.  Again you need to leave a 5mm gap all the way around the perimeter of the wall.  Once you have installed the second layer of 12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard you can then seal the perimeter of the wall with the Acoustic Sealant.  Again there should be no reason to screw the second layer of plasterboard if you have used our Contact Adhesive and followed the instructions on the can however if you are unsure you can screw the plasterboard to the ceiling using as few screw as possible.

The ceiling is now ready to plastered or tape and jointed ready for wallpapering or painting.

This system will help reduce normal noise levels that shouldn’t normally be heard such as talking, TV and radio sound.  Loud music and bass noise will always be audible although its intensity will be reduced.  For a more efficient form a noise control see our Studio Ceiling System.