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Our basic floor soundproofing system is specifically designed to address two common noise issues: impact noise and general airborne noise, such as TV and talking sounds. With a straightforward installation process and a relatively thin profile, this system offers an effective solution for improving the sound insulation of your existing floor in various types of residential properties.

We have developed a user-friendly system that requires minimal DIY experience to install. It involves the application of two layers of Advanced Acoustics 5kg Soundproofing Mat and one layer of Advanced Acoustics Silent Floor Ultra. This combination of materials enhances the insulation properties of your floor, significantly reducing the transmission of noise. Despite its effectiveness, the system maintains a relatively thin profile, measuring a total thickness of just 16mm. This ensures that the soundproofing upgrade doesn't compromise the overall height or aesthetics of your space.

Installation Guide

  1. Ensure the floor that you are installing this system onto is sound and free from defects. It needs to be clean, dry, free from dust, grease and any other contaminants.  Any existing gripper rods need to be removed and any exposed screws or nails need to be hammered home.
  2. If there are squeaking or loose floorboards these need to be fixed in place with screws. Before doing so check for services directly underneath that can be pierced such as gas or water pipes and electrical cables.
  3. Fill any gaps or holes in the floorboards with AC95 Acoustic Sealant using a caulking gun for precise application. Smooth the sealant down.
  4. You are now ready to lay your first layer of Soundproofing Mat. Unroll the roll of soundproofing mat and lay it loosely in place on the floor ensuring it is tight up to two walls.  Fold half of the roll back and apply Advanced Acoustics Contact Adhesive to both the floor and the soundproofing mat, completely covering both surfaces.
  5. As soon as the adhesive is applied the roll is ready to be laid in place. Roll the Soundproofing Mat back out and use a clean sweeping brush or a roller to brush out any air gaps and ensure the mat is secured down.
  6. Fold back the loose half of the Soundproofing Mat and repeat the process.
  7. Roll out another roll of Soundproofing Mat laying the matting end to end from the first roll.
  8. Trim to approximate length as required using a Utility Knife. Cut the roll slightly longer than required so that you can trim to fit once the roll is laid.
  9. Place the loose roll up to the two walls, allowing the Soundproofing Mat to overlap onto the previously installed sheet of Soundproofing Mat. Fold half of the roll back and repeat the process of applying Contact Adhesive to the floorboards and the Soundproofing Mat.  Once glued and brushed down you can now apply adhesive to the loose half of the roll.
  10. Where the two layers of soundproofing mat overlap you can now trim these with a Utility Knife, cutting through both layers. Remove the waste and re-glue down where the two rolls join.  Using this method will ensure there are no gaps in the soundproofing mat.
  11. You can then continue to glue down the rest of the soundproofing mat ensuring you slightly overlap the mats to allow to trim them in order to get a clean joint.
  12. Once the whole floor is covered seal the joints with the PVC Jointing Tape.
  13. The second layer can now be installed directly on top.
  14. The second layer of Soundproofing Mat needs to be installed perpendicular to the previous layer so as to avoid having overlapping joints.
  15. Use the same method to lay the second layer of soundproofing mat.
  16. When trimming the edges back take care not to cut though to the first layer of soundproofing mat.
  17. Once the whole floor is covered, again seal the joints with PVC Jointing Tape.
  18. Next seal the joint around the perimeter of the room between the soundproofing mat and the wall using AC95 Acoustic Sealant to ensure there are no gaps. Use a caulking gun precise application and smooth the sealant down.
  19. You can now install the carpet gripper around the perimeter of the room, fixing it through the matting to the floorboards below.
  20. Once the gripper is in place you now need to install the Silent Floor Ultra Underlay. This needs to be installed perpendicular to the previous layer to stagger joints as well as possible.
  21. Apply adhesive to the Soundproofing Mat side of Silent Floor Ultra. The foam is to be faced upwards.  Apply adhesive to the previously installed Soundproofing Mat, covering an area slightly larger than the size of the Silent Floor Ultra Sheet.
  22. Position the Silent Floor Ultra in place butting it up tightly to the gripper rod. The room isn’t square you may need to trim the Silent Floor Ultra to shape before apply adhesive.
  23. Repeat the process butting the Mats up tightly to each other, ensuring there are no gaps.
  24. When you have completed the first row use the off-cut to start the second row. This will create a brick bond layout to minimise waste and stagger joints.
  25. Repeat the process until the whole floor is covered.
  26. Seal the joints of the Silent Floor Ultra with PVC Jointing Tape.
  27. The floor is now ready to be carpeted.
  28. Due to the slightly increased floor height any doors may need to be trimmed to suit. If you are uncertain about completing this a joiner or handy man will have no problem carrying this out for you.

System Thickness - Approx 16mm.