Button Fix System

Button Fix Mounting System For Acoustic Panels

For the installation of our SoundControl and ArtControl Panels we now use an innovative hidden fixing system called the Button Fix System. This unique system enables the acoustic panels to be installed in an easy and hassle free manor without any fixings being visible. The Button Fix System is a quick, easy and cost effective way of installing our acoustic panels. It has been tested to extremes to ensure the Button Fix System doesn't fail and will stand the test time even in heavy traffic areas.

The panels are securely fastened to the wall but easily removable for maintenance. So if a panel becomes defaced or in the unlikely event it becomes damaged the panel simply lifts off the fixings so it can be cleaned or sent back to us for repair.

The Button Fix System is a simple method of installation so if you want to keep costs to a minimum and install the panels yourself this can be done problem free thanks to our inventive fixing method. Basically the system consists of a clip and a button.  The clips are fixed to the back of the panel.  If we are shipping the panels out for you to install we will send the clips loose to minimise the risk of the clips getting damaged during transport.  If we are fitting the panels we will pre-mount the clips to the back of the panels.  The buttons are fixed to the wall in the relevant locations for the panel to simply clip onto the button.

The Button Fix System only pulls the panel away from the wall by 8-10mm so if space is at a premium this is the ideal solution. Also thanks to the Button Fix System there are unlimited amounts of ways in which you can arrange the panels to create whatever effect you require. So whether you want panels spaced out along a wall and staggered or require blocks of small panels with no gaps anything is possible with this tried and tested Button Fix System.

The Button Fix System is included in the cost of the panels so you can be sure there are no hidden costs. All you need if completing the installation of the panels yourself are suitable fixings to fasten the clips to the panel and buttons to the wall