Silent Panel 5kg/25mm 600x1200- Barrier Foam Composite Acoustic Panel Adhesive Backed - B-Grade

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Advanced Acoustics 5kg/25mm Silent Panel Acoustic Foam Treatment Panel

B-Grade - The product has visible tears or cuts to the face of the foam. 


What's In The Box?


  • Contained in one box is a single 5kg/25mm Silent Panel Acoustic Panel.
  • Each acoustic panel is sized 600mm by 1200mm and is 28mm thick.
  • One acoustic panel will cover an area of 0.72sqm.
  • The acoustic panels are precision CNC cut and on average will absorb 45% of the sound waves.
  • Has an Rw Value of 31dB.
  • The colour of these studio foam sound deadening panels is black and have a Class 0 fire rating.


What Are The Benefits?


The Silent Panel is a sound barrier and acoustic foam composite with a self adhesive backing on the back of the sound barrier. The sound barrier is a 5kg Mass Loaded Vinyl and the acoustic foam is a 25mm thick, 90kg/m3 Class 0 fire rated open cell acoustic foam. By having the noise barrier and sound absorber as one product it acts as a highly effective decoupler to isolate vibration.

This product has many uses and applications. It is ideally suited to line equipment enclosures to reduce sound transmission. It is used to line walls and ceilings of mechanical rooms and plant rooms to absorb and contain the noise source. The Silent Panel enables you to create soundproof enclosures for machinery and noisy equipment. If sound absorption and noise reduction are required then all you need is one product, the Silent Panel.

With it being one easy to install product it reduces expensive installation time and reduces contractors work load. It can also be used in marine vessels to reduce noise transfer from the engine room. Because the top layer of the Silent Panel Barrier Foam Composite is a Class 0 Acoustic Foam it has fireproof properties. The acoustic foam is treated against mildew. The Silent Panel is 600mm x 1200mm and is a total of 28mm thick, 2.6mm Sound Barrier and 25mm Class 0 Acoustic Foam. The Silent Panel is only available in black.

The Silent Panels also come with a self adhesive backing already applied so there is no need to purchase supplementary adhesives to mount the barrier foam composite acoustic panels with, simply remove the backing and stick in place. The Silent Panels are suitable for mounting onto metal, wood and plastic to dampen noise transfer by reducing surface vibration. Thanks to the size of the Silent Panel they are very easy to handle and install and is also easy to cut to the required size with either scissors or a utility knife. Mechanical fastening can also be used with this product.

Where Can I Use Them?

There are a wide range of applications for our acoustic products including:

  • Plant Rooms
  • Engine Rooms
  • Server Rooms
  • Custom Enclosures
  • And more

What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name 5kg/25mm Silent Panel Acoustic Panel
Individual Acoustic Panel Size 600mm x 1200mm
Quantity Of Acoustic Tiles Per Box 1
Total Area Covered Per Box 0.72m2
Acoustic Panel Thickness 28mm
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.45
Absorption at 250Hz 0.25
Absorption at 500Hz 0.45
Absorption at 1000Hz 0.55
Absorption at 2000Hz 0.60
Absorption at 4000Hz 0.75
Acoustic Foam Colour Black
Sound Reduction Index 31dB
Acoustic Foam Density 90kg/m3
Acoustic Foam Composition Open Cell Polyurethane Acoustic Foam
Fire Classification Fire Propagation Index - < 12 (BS 476 pt 6)
Surface Spread of Fame - Class 1 (BS 476 pt 7)
Building regs. 1991 (Fire Safety) - Class 0 (B S467 pt 6 & 7)
UL94 CLassification - 94 V-O
Surface Burning Behaviour - Class A (ASTM E84-95)
Profile Description Precision cut acoustic foam panel


Performance Data

Silent Panel 5-25 Acoustic Panel Performance Data

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