SilentMat18 Acoustic Matting for Loose Laid LVT & Laminate - 15m x 1m

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SilentMat18 Acoustic Matting For Loose Laid LVT & Laminate - 15m x 1m


What Are The Benefits?


SilentMat18 is a high performance acoustic underlay designed to be used under Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) or Laminate Flooring.  Our data shows that this product achieves an impact sound reduction of 20dB when used with 5mm thick click LVT flooring.  This product will help to reduce sound transmission between floors occurring from footfall or impact noises.  Being only 1.8mm thick this product will not increase floor heights and indentation recovery is optimised.

This product can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating.

SilentMat18 is loose laid on the subfloor requiring you only to unroll the material and allowing to acclimatise before installing the final finish.  It is designed to be used with LVT 2mm or thicker and is designed to be adhered to concrete and screed subfloors.

When installing this product the floor must be level and smooth, free of dust and debris.  Any holes or cracks in the subfloor much be filled with AC95 Acoustic Sealant.  We recommend that at least a 24 hours acclimatisation period prior to installation is made.  It is recommend that SilentMat18 is installed in temperatures between 18oC and 25oC.  SilentMat18 should first be dry laid and cut at least 50mm over the length required to allow for the product to relax.  During installation a 3mm gap should be left around the perimeter to allow for expansion.  Once the SilentMat18 is installed follow the manufacturers guidelines for the installation of the LVT.  


What Are The Technical Details?

Product Name SilentMat18 Acoustic Matting
Product Composition Composite acoustic underlay manufactured from a 100% recycled blend of cork and EVA
Product Size 15m x 1m
Product Thickness 1.8mm
Weight Per Roll 8kg
Area Covered Per Roll 15sqm