14 Reasons Why a Classroom Needs Good Acoustics

Shaun Snaith
  1. Reduced background noise
  2. Improved speech intelligibility
  3. Teachers are better understood by students
  4. A better learning environment is created
  5. Stress imposed upon students and teachers alike is reduced
  6. Enhanced communication between students
  7. Risk of hearing loss is prevented
  8. Student behaviour is improved
  9. Student attention and concentration is improved
  10. Overall academic performance is improved
  11. A more comfortable classroom atmosphere is created
  12. Teacher voice quality and vocal health is improved
  13. Multimedia presentations are enhanced
  14. A more inclusive environment for students with hearing difficulties is provided

If your school or classroom is suffering with any of these aspects then serious consideration needs to be given to the condition of the acoustics of the classroom.  The acoustic panels we manufacture will help to achieve every aspect mentioned above.  Good acoustics in a classroom can't be neglected.  Once a classrooms acoustics have been successfully improved the whole school will benefit, students, teachers, staff and the wider community.

If you need assistance in finding the right product for your needs then we have a number of articles that will help along with an acoustic treatment coverage calculator which will help you easily determine how much acoustic treatment is needed to make the necessary improvements.