Advanced Acoustics AeroFoil Studio Starter Kit - Large

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Advanced Acoustics AeroFoil Studio Starter Kit - Large


4x 3ft Quadrant Bass Traps

48x 12" AeroFoil Acoustic Tiles (covering 4.46sqm)


What's In The Box?


  • Contained in the Large AeroFoil Starter Kit are four 3ft Quadrant Bass Traps and forty eight 12" AeroFoil Acoustic Tiles. 
  • The Quadrant Bass Traps are 12" (305mm) by 12" (305mm) and are 3ft (915mm) long. 
  • The AeroFoil Acoustic Tiles are 12" (305mm) by 12" (305mm) covering a total area of 48sqft (4.46sqm). 
  • The tiles are 65mm thick at the peak and have an NRC of 0.75.
  • These acoustic tiles and bass traps are available in either Mid Grey or Dark Grey.

Both the bass traps and the acoustic tiles are precision CNC cut to guarantee uniformity and a high level of accuracy.  These products are also available individually if you need an extra few bass traps or pack of tiles to complete you installation.


What Are The Benefits?


Our Advanced Acoustics Starter Kits are complete room packages designed to be a starting point for the treatment of a given space. The bigger the room, the more kits you'll need.  All the products are available individually so you can supplement the kit with an extra pack of tiles or a few extra Bass Traps if you need them.

Inspired by the wing of a plane these tiles are the result of countless hours of development.  By optimising the shape and perfecting the CNC programming this design of acoustic tile offers an enlarged surface area and increased average thickness resulting in increased absorption along a wider range of frequencies.

By installing small clusters of these acoustic treatment tiles in a random orientation around the room at first reflection points or other key areas you will increase acoustic clarity and remove unwanted distortion. These acoustic studio foam tiles work hard at controlling mid to high frequencies to help remove echo and control reverberation.

When it comes to bass control and low frequency absorption mass and depth of material is king.  The curved face that the Quadrant Bass Traps have to offer results in increased surface area over standard shaped bass traps.  The extra depth generated from this unique profile helps to improve low frequency absorption even further.  Bass Traps are vital for any studio design and should be one of the top priorities of studio design.

Once effective bass control has been installed standing waves are minimised and low end build up is brought under control.  Low end energy congregates in all corners of rooms so by placing effective bass traps in the corners you can reduce the detrimental effect this has. 

Care is taken in optimising size, profile, foam cell structure and foam density to present a product that offers high visual and acoustic value.  Durability is high on our list of priorities too, we manufacture a foam that won't crumble and turn to dust and won't change colour as soon as you've mounted them. 


Where Can I Use Them?


There are a wide range of applications for our acoustic products including:

  • High End Professional Studios
  • Home Studios
  • Rehearsal Rooms
  • Home Cinemas
  • Dedicated Listening Rooms
  • And more