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Browse our range of sheet soundproofing products including 2mm/5kg and 5mm/10kg MLV Soundproofing Mat, SilentBoard Fibre Cement Floor Boards, Resilient bar and Acoustic Underlay.  Place your order now for quick dispatch.

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Building a studio from scratch? Then you'll need effective sound proofing materials. If you have problems with sound leaking out of the room acoustic foam isn't the answer. The only way to improve sound isolation is by using dedicated soundproofing materials designed for that specific purpose such as acoustic plasterboard, and soundproofing mat such as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV).  We have sourced many different soundproofing materials to suit almost every need and application.  So whether you need to soundproof a ceiling, floor or wall, build a room or wall from scratch or improve the construction of existing structures we have the materials and the know how to help you. We have also written a number of articles to help you work out which system is best for you and to help you work out the quantities required:

Basic Wall Soundproofing System

 - This system utilises our M20 Soundproofing Panel and 2 layers of Acoustic Plasterboard to give you a thin yet effective soundproofing solution.

Basic Floor Soundproofing System

 - This system offers a relatively lightweight system that is within the load limits of a floor and uses our 2mm / 5kg Soundproofing Mat and Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay.

Basic Ceiling Soundproofing System

 - This is a thin system that allows you to increase the sound blocking capabilities of a standard construction ceiling incorporating 2mm / 5kg Soundproofing Mat and Acoustic Plasterboard.

Floating Floor Soundproofing System

 - This is a higher specification floor system that will allow you to fit hard floor surfaces on top such as wooden floor or engineered flooring.  The system uses 5mm / 10kg Soundproofing Mat and R10 Soundproofing Mat to educe impact noise.

Studio Wall Soundproofing System

 - This system is a resilient bar system using our simple yet effective 2 part SoundSense Isolation System along with M20 Soundproofing Mat to build a room within a room.

Studio Ceiling Soundproofing System

 - Again using our SoundSense Isolation System this is a slightly lighter resilient bar system is suitable for use on the ceiling incorporating 2mm / 5kg Soundproofing Mat and Acoustic Plasterboard.

We offer a wide range of products to suits various applications and needs.  Our 5kg and 10kg soundproofing mat are our best selling soundproofing products.  This product is suitable for use on floors to reduce the transfer of airborne noise as well as for use on stud walls and ceilings to reduce general talking and TV noise.  If you require better sound isolation for the walls then the M20 Acoustic Matting is the go to product, ideal for use with brick walls.  If you require even better sound isolation then we also offer products to enable you build a room within a room by means of resilient bar and our SoundSense Isolation System.  We also offer the products to build floating floors such as our R10 Resilient Acoustic Matting and our SilentBoard, a high density fibre cement floorboard.

We know it can be a little daunting working out which is the right soundproofing system for you and your build but were here to help offer advice and suggestions on the best way to complete your project.  Just give us a call on 01623 643609 or email us and we'll do all we can to advise.