Thanks to Advanced Acoustics getting the right acoustic treatment for your room is quite simple. We have developed a solution that drastically improves the definition of the music you want to enjoy. One client commented that after the installation of our acoustic treatment it is like they "have put on a pair of glasses”. The room focuses its attention to you the listener, directing the sound to you.

For any music room to work well you need to get it close to the environment the music was created in. However, we need to achieve a fine balance between a room that sounds good but doesn't look like a studio and also a room that is accurate but still has life remaining in it. That is where the acoustic panels come in. They are both aesthetically pleasing and true performers. To treat an average sized room usually 5 acoustic panels are required along with some bass trapping. We mentioned earlier in Why You Need AcousticTreatment the first reflection points. These are the side walls, front wall and the ceiling. We would install one panel per reflection point. For the floor we would recommend you lay a thick heavy rug if you have a wooden or hard floor currently installed. We also treat the wall behind the listening position to cut down the reflection from the speakers to the back wall then on to the hearer's ears. The panels are usually installed 2ft (0.6m) from the floor on the side walls and on the back wall they are placed a little higher if possible

Home Cinema and Listening Room Acoustic Treatment Panels

Also for the average sized room 2 bass absorbing panels are needed. These panels will go behind the speakers roughly 2ft (0.6m) from the floor if possible. Basically you want the panels to be about the same height as the speaker. If the room is really struggling with problems such as low end build up then we would also suggest that a panel is installed in the two corners behind the listening position. We have to bear in mind that every room is different. We use the above suggestions as a rule or a guide. However, at times the rules may need to be adjusted or modified. The size of room, shape, furniture in the room, and any other uses the room may have all have a bearing on what can be installed in the room.

Our aim is to create you a room that complements the system you have and not work against it. Filling the room with acoustic panel is not the answer, this would be overly excessive and 'life' is lost from the room. However, a few panels in the right place will achieve the perfect balance.